A New Series on Education Theory

By Teresa Chan (@TChanMD)

I am very excited to bring together two of my favourite blogs in one exciting project.  As a collaboration between the ICE blog and the Academic Life in Emergency Medicine (ALiEM) team, I pleased to introduce a new series entitled: Education Theory Made Practical.

This past year I have been the Chief Academic Officer of the ALiEM.com Faculty Incubator program.  This program is targeted at early career educators who engage in a year-long on-line faculty development program run by mentors from across North America. Not every school or teaching hospital has ready accessible to senior Clinician Educator, so we created a virtual Community of Practice (vCOP) to provide online mentorship and teaching. A truly immersive experience, the Faculty Incubator program is more about “doing” than simply reading or thinking.  As a result, participants engaged in projects throughout the year to create resources for other clinician educators.

Education Theory Made Practical: An Open Peer Review Series

As part of the Faculty Incubator program, teams of 3 authored a primer on a key education theory, practically linking the abstract to practical scenarios. Each week for the next ten weeks, we will feature one of the 10 primers on key education theories.

Your Mission if you Choose to Accept it:

As a member of the ICE community, we would like to invite you to peer review each post.

Using your comments we will refine each primer. No suggestion is too big or small – we want to know what was missed or misrepresented. Whether you notice a spelling or grammatical mistake, or want to suggest a preferred case scenario that better demonstrates the theory, we welcome all feedback!

Final versions of each primer will be complied into a free ebook that we will share with the health professions education community. 

It all starts tomorrow. Stay tuned!