#KeyLIMEpodcast 151: Ripped from the Headlines, Episode 1

Welcome to the first KeyLIME Podcast of 2018! If you haven’t yet heard, we are moving to weekly releases!

The hosts introduce a new series called “Ripped from the Headlines”, inspired by Riffed from the headlines on CBC Radio. In this series, one of the hosts selects three quotes – two real, one fake – and asks their co-hosts to spot the fake!

In this first iteration, Jason has selected the following three quotes …did his co-host guess right? Did you?  Check out the podcast here to find out!

  1. “…We employed the VARK questionnaire to assess the differences in learning styles and approaches among medical undergraduates. A totally of 284 students participated…Participants whose teaching was tailored to their respective learning styles had superior learning outcomes in comparison with controls…”
  2. “…The reported strategies and attitudes helped to develop, mental, physicial and social resource pools that fostered effective decision making. Successful coping…encouraged the maintenance of resilience-promoting abilities. In relation to Conservation of Resources Theory, physician resilience emerged as the ability to invest personal resources in a way that initiatives positive resource spirals…”
  3. “…many educators tasking with implementing CBME understandably feel they have limited power to protest…For too long CBME has been allowed to propagate based the regulatory and administrative power of a small group…CBME…is faith-based medical education, replete with its own unopposable truths and its authorized high priests…”

We would love to hear your feedback on this new series – use the comments section below or email us at keylime@royalcollege.ca  (Note: while most episodes will be retaining our original format, the plan would be for this series to appear a few times a year).

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