ICE Book Reviews – A Retrospective

By Jonathan Sherbino (@sherbino)

In honour of the ICE blog’s 5-year anniversary, we’ve spent the last several weeks revisiting some of our most popular and influential series. In the final week of our 5-week retrospective, we take a look back at our “Book Reviews.”

P.S. Check us out on December 11th for a brand new post.

“Book discussions are a great way to facilitate communities of practice for Clinician Educators. Research suggests that reading novels changes brain chemistry and connections. Books given as gifts can facilitate relationships and discussions between teachers and learners. ”

– “Books as Mentors” – January 2014 Book Review

Led by ICE blog editor Dr. Felix Ankel (@felixankel), the book review series began on January 21st, 2014. In 2015, Dr. Ankel passed the torch to fellow Editor Dr. Robert Cooney (@EMEducation)who has since contributed over 20 book reviews of his own.

The books our editors have read and reviewed are not always specific to medical education, though each is relevant and contributes to a greater understanding of the role of the clinician educator. For example, Dr. Cooney credits  Daring Greatly by Brene Brown (a book that explores the roots of “shame”) with causing “a fundamental shift in my worldview.”

Since 2014, our editors have reviewed over 30 books, exploring how these concepts relate to their roles as CEs and to the world of Med Ed. Some topics include:

  • Human intuition
  • Resilience
  • Education design
  • Social media and online presence
  • The science of connection
  • Leadership lessons from the US Navy Seals
  • Joy

From beginning to end, check out the books we’ve reviewed so far. Which ones will you be adding to your CE library?

Featured image via Pexels