ICRE: KeyLIME LIVE! and the ICE Summit

KeyLIME LiveAre you a KeyLIME Podcast fan who is attending ICRE? Well then you don’t want to miss KeyLIME Live!, taking place on Friday, September 27th over the lunch hour. Participants get the opportunity to see the fab four in action as they discuss some of the top medical education articles. Audience comments and feedback are encouraged – and sometimes we even have one of the paper’s authors in the audience! The session is recorded and will appear on an episode in late fall.

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For all our dedicated readers, don’t miss our on the opportunity to participate in the annual ICE Summit, taking place post ICRE on Sunday, September 29th. Hosted by Dr. Linda Snell (you may know her as one of the KeyLIME hosts) and Dr. Felix Ankel (one of our ICE blog editors) this is not your typical workshop. Our presenters, called “provocateurs”, start their sessions with a controversial statement on an important medical topic and have 15 minutes to give their stance on the subject. Then the fun really begins: the floor is opened up to the audience and fascinating debates and discussions abound. Conceived by our ICE Steering Committee, these events were devised in order to give Clinician Educators the opportunity to expand their minds, meet face to face with international colleagues, and leave with new ideas to enhance their practice. (PS – fans of the blog are in for a bonus this year – one of our provocateurs is our new editor, Eric Warm! – Mel, your ICE Admin)

We hope to see you there!

(Please note — Pre-registration for ICRE is now closed, but you can still register for these events on site upon your arrival!)