#KeyLIMEPodcast 275: [The best of KeyLIME 2018 – #2] The Science of Learning

Originally aired in the summer of 2018,  this article selection from Jon provides a brief description of learning, including the three key steps of encoding, consolidation and retrieval. It also introduces four major learning-science strategies and describes how learning science aligns with the general findings from the most recent synthesis of systematic reviews about the effectiveness of continuing medical education.

Neurophysiology Pearls for CEs: Learning requires a physiological CHANGE in the brain. Learning is EFFORTFUL. Consolidation of new memory is influenced by SLEEP. The more DIVERSE and NUMEROUS the cues associated with a memory, the easier the retrieval and comprehension of the information.

Reference: Van Hoof TJ, Doyle TJ. 2018.  Learning science as a potential new source of understanding and improvement for continuing education and continuing professional development Medical Teacher. 40(9):880-88

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