#KeyLIMEPodcast 280: [The best of KeyLIME 2018 – #7] Examining the Relationship between altmetrics and traditional measures

This episode, released in summer of 2018, looks at altmetrics as an alternate way to capture dissemination and impact, especially vis-à-vis public communication and sharing outside traditional channels. The article suggest that, by providing a summary of how research is shared and discussed online, as well as describing both the volume and nature of attention that research receives online, almetrics can be used as a complement citation-based metrics by providing important insights into the factors that may improve an article’s citations and access.

Lauren A. Maggio, Todd C. Leroux, Holly S. Meyer, Anthony R. Artino Jr. 2018.#MedEd: Exploring the relationship between altmetrics and traditional measures of dissemination in health professions education. Perspectives in Medical Education. 7(4): 239–247.

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