#KeyLIME Podcast 320 [Summer 2021 Re-Run #1]: ‘Rudeness Breaks Teams’

Welcome to the Summer of 2021 KeyLIME “re run” series! Over the summer months, some of the top KeyLIME episodes will be revisited. Give some old favorites a listen or discover some episodes from our archive you may not have heard yet!

This week, in our first re-run, we share Episode 147, which explores the impact of rudeness on the performance of medical teams.

Article under review: Riskin A, Erez A, Foulk TA, Kugelman A, Gover A, Shoris I, Riskin KS, Bamberger PA. The Impact of Rudeness on Medical Team Performance: A Randomized Trial. Pediatrics. 2015 Sep;136(3):487-95.

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