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A Day in the Life of a CE: Rachmad Sarwo Bekti

Hiroshi profiles Rachmad Sarwo Bekti, a Clinician Educator from Indonesia.

–  Jonathan (@sherbino)


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Dr. Rachmad Sarwo Bekti is a general practitioner and a Clinician Educator based in Indonesia.

As a general practitioner, he sees patients in his clinic every evening. Dr. Bekti also works at the department of Anatomical Pathology at Brawijaya University, where he conducts pathological examinations under the supervision of experienced pathologists.

As a teacher, Dr. Bekti spends most days teaching inter-professional communication skills and pathology to medical students. He also serves in a leadership role as medical education unit manager and rotation coordinator.

Dr. Bekti shares that his clinical practice makes his life more meaningful. He can help sick people by applying the medical science he has learned (and continues to learn). He believes that there are people smiling in heaven who were healed through medicine.

Rachmad believes that being a teacher is a calling.  He feels this passion has increased since getting his Master’s degree in Medical Education. He reminds Clinician Educators that the term “doctor” originates from “docere”, meaning “to teach”.

Rachmad finds it difficult to play the different roles of a Clinician Educator; but he believes, that as long as there is joy in the fruitful collaboration with colleagues, his diverse work is possible.


If you want to connect with Rachmad Bekti and discover more about his Clinician Educator practice, drop us a line in the comments section below.

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