A Day in the Life of a Clinician Educator: A Retrospective

In honour of the ICE blog’s 5-year anniversary, the next few weeks will look back at some of our most popular series. Today we begin with “A Day in the Life of a CE.”

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“A Day in the Life of a CE” premiered on March 21st, 2014. Over the past four years, series author Jamiu Busari and other guest contributors have profiled CEs from all over the world, including Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, North America, the Netherlands and more.

CEs we've interviewed around the world

We’ve asked specialists in anesthesiology, internal medicine, pediatrics, emergency medicine, surgery, neurology and many more about their biggest challenges and what advice they can offer to aspiring CE’s. Here are a few highlights:

  • “People always think that they don’t have choices but you do, you just have to choose. Choose the work that is satisfying and rewarding and find constructive ways to offload work that doesn’t add value for you or for others.” – Lara Cooke MD, MSc (MEdEd) (Neurology), Canada
  • “Ask yourself continuously how you can be different: You should keep on asking yourself, how can I do things differently? How can I add value?” – Jonas Nordquist, PhD Director, Sweden
  • “Use vulnerability as a gift to be cherished rather than a force to be avoided.” – Felix Ankel, MD (Emergency Medicine), United States
  • “When I sit with medical students and listen to their dreams, hopes and expectations and see their power of giving, it refreshes my thoughts and gives me energy to generate new ideas and do more things.” – Abeer Arab, MD (Anesthesiology) Saudi Arabia


Want more tips and challenges? From our very first to our very latest, here are the CEs we’ve had the privilege of connecting with so far:

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