What to read and where to publish? A (dynamic) list of #meded journals

By Jonathan Sherbino (@sherbino)

I was talking with some co-authors recently about our target journal for an education research project we were hoping to publish.  Our off-the-cuff list overlapped on a number of journals, yet there was true variation within our group.

Here’s the running tally of the list we devised.  (NB:  This is NOT a hierarchical list.  Too many of my friends and colleagues are editors who know where I live!)

                       General Medical Education Journals                              (updated on 13-11-13 with Dr. Chan’s additions)

Journal (with link)

2012 Impact Factor

Academic Medicine


Advances in Health Sciences Education Theory and Practice


BMC Medical Education                 (open access journal)


Clinical Teacher


Journal of Graduate Medical Education

Not yet indexed

Journal of Surgical Education


Medical Education


Medical Teacher


Simulation in Healthcare


Teaching and Learning in Medicine


An asterisk (*) denotes an unofficial impact factor.


Let’s build this table.  What journal have I missed?  What do you read regularly as a CE?  I know there is an entire cognitive psychology, higher education, management etc. literature that I have not included.  Send in your ‘must reads’ and we’ll update the table.

Many specialty (i.e. clinical) journals also publish education research.  Perhaps the journal with the highest profile is
JAMA’s annual medical education themed issue. Another example is the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine (**conflict alert, I’m an associate editor**), which has adopted a special category for education scholarship – Brief Education Reports – that publishes education innovations.

Image courtesy of Sławek Borewicz , via Wikimedia Commons