Defining a Clinician Educator

By Jonathan Sherbino (@sherbino)

How do you explain your role as a CE to colleagues, academic chairs or senior administration?  Within the existing medical education literature, there is significant variation among definitions.  When I compare promotion criteria between universities, the definition of a CE often seems quite idiosyncratic. In response to this need to define a Clinician Educator (as the first step in advancing this academic role) we (including Jason Frank (@drjfrank) and Linda Snell (@LindaSMedEd) conducted a study.  The results will be published in the May issue of Academic Medicine, while an epub ahead of print is currently available. We surveyed all Canadian residency program directors, academic / department chairs and deans, using questions derived from a series of focus groups of education thought leaders. 350 individuals responded.

Our findings suggest that the following roles define a CE:Fri post_CE Additionally, our study suggests the core competencies of a CE are as follows:Fri post_table

So, does this describe you?