ICE Book Review – People Analytics. How Social Sensing Technology Will Transform Business and What It Tells Us About the New World of Work

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By Felix Ankel (@felixankel)

Ben Waber. People Analytics. How Social Sensing Technology Will Transform Business and What It Tells Us  About the New World of Work. FT Press 2013.

People AnalyticsMedical education is moving from a time-based to a competency-based model.
Health care and education, arguable two of the most overpriced industries, are under increasing pressure to provide a higher degree of value through the triple aim of increasing quality, experience, and stewardship.  Much of this will be done through new innovative design of learning and healthcare spaces.

Ben Waber’s (@bwaber) book gives insight on how design accelerates social learning, improves the experience of learners, and creates value. In his book, Waber describes productivity research on groups of people wearing sociometric badges and comes up with some interesting findings about commonly held beliefs such as email communication, office location, and mandatory break times.  He discusses learning differences in groups, tribes, and organizations and draws upon diverse examples including: IBM, a Bank of America call center, and the South Park television show production company.  As medical education rapidly changes, what are some of the design elements that  should be incorporated into the future system?

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