Education Leaders + FOAM + ICRE

By Jonathan Sherbino (@sherbino)

Recently a monthly podcast that I subscribe to sent me a renewal notice… and I threw it in the garbage.  It’s not that I suddenly realized there was nothing left to learn in this field, rather, I was already receiving similar, high quality, curated material via free, open-access resources.  To be clear, the issue was not solely about money.  Rather, the decision also involved triaging my time.  Here’s an edited snapshot of the podcasts (no subscription required) that I listen to on a weekly/monthly basis.

Tues post_KeyLIME pic

All of these are “FOAM” resources.  (See here for a past post that explains FOAM.)

So, paying for an additional subscription that I would struggle to fit into the rotation seemed like a poor decision.  (Plus, it came on a CD… so I could only listen in my car and not while I run or bike.)

I have now stumbled on another FOAM resource that I need to fit into my playlist.  (This is turning into a mammoth virtual journal stack on my bedside table…)

The International Conference on Residency Education provides free, open-access podcasts and slide sets of past conferences.  (Click here to see the 2013 presentations)

Here are three plenary addresses that I think are “must haves.”

  • Robyn Tamblyn, a professor of medicine and health informatics scientist from McGill University discusses Future directions in medical education: Improving the links between training and practice
  • Dave Cook,  professor of medical education at the Mayo Clinic discusses Pitfalls and pearls in the development and use of education outcomes
  • Darrell Kirch, president and CEO of the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) discusses Who Will Lead the Health Care System of the Future

FOAM, gotta love it.  What resources are you following?

Image: NEC medical 51 ©NEC Corporation of America via Flickr under Creative Commons License CC2.0