Medical Education Biographies via OSMOSIS

By Jonathan Sherbino (@sherbino)

I’m a sucker for biographies. (I just finished reading biographies of the father of neurosurgery – Harvey Cushing and of the Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield (Embarrassingly, I rarely read fiction.  It has something to do with the
compelling nature of plot / character development that leads me to read too late into the night, ignoring everything else I planned to do.)

The SoMe explosion has connected me with many individuals around the world.  While I am engaged with their academic work and their contributions to health professional education, I’m always curious about their background; how they got started. Of course, many of these thought leaders are too modest to provide details about their “origin.”  And so, my curiosity remained.

However, a recent digital education start-up – OSMOSIS – is regularly compiling snapshot biographies of a broad spectrum of medical educators. (As background, OSMOSIS was
developed by medical students to provide a more effective way to study medicine.  Using crowdsourcing and digital push notifications, tailored content is provided to a medical student.  Think Khan Academy for medicine on your phone.)  I was recently profiled, hence my discovery of this resource.  But more interestingly, here are some of the biographies that have captured my attention.

Danielle Ofri, Writer and Health Contributor to the New York Times

Rafael Grossmann, The Google Glass Surgeon

Trudie E. Roberts, President of AMEE

Bertalan Mesko, Futurist

Vinny Arora, editor of FutureDocs

ZDoggMD, aka Dr. Zubin Damania, hospitalist/rapper

For the full list of medical educator bios, start here and check out the background stories on colleagues and fellow CEs.

Image via OSMOSIS