The (Disputed) Top Assessment Papers in #meded via #ICRE2015

Today’s post serves as partial show notes for a workshop conducted at the 2015 International Conference on Residency Education by Eric Holmboe and me. The (Disputed) Top Assessment Papers, is a regular session that we have conducted for the last four years.  The process is quasi-rigourous.  We email our colleagues and friends, including journal editors from Academic Medicine, Medical Education, Advances in Health Sciences Education, and the Journal of Graduate Medical Education and ask for nominations.  Sometimes people answer our emails.  [For those of you who don’t, and you know who you are, our feelings are hurt 🙁 ].

Below are the papers that Eric has selected.

Of course, the abstracts don’t do the papers justice.  The rich, interactive, discussion and commentary from the audience, takes the ideas presented in the paper in many directions.  If you want to benefit from that discussion, you’ll have to attend ICRE 2016 🙂

Of course, if you want to know my picks, you’ll have to wait for future episodes of KeyLIME.  The abstracts will be recorded in the coming weeks.

But here’s a sneak peak:

What paper did we miss?  Leave a comment below.

– Jonathan (@sherbino)


Eric Holmboe’s choices

– PDF of Abstract: Crowd-Sourced Assessment of Technical Skills

– PDF of Abstract: Learning Curves in Health Professions Education

– PDF of Abstract:  A curious case of the phantom professor