A Conversation on Competency-based #Meded with the ICE Editorial Board

By Jonathan Sherbino (@sherbino)

The ICE blog is trying a low stakes experiment today.  We’ve added audiovisual.  Apparently the “YouTube” is all the rage with kids these days… who knew??

The conversation is between three members of the ICE editorial board, Rob Cooney,  (@EMEducation), Teresa Chan (@TChanMDand me.)  This video was recorded as part of a virtual faculty development program for early career Clinician Educators.  (As a side note, this virtual course is one of the most interesting projects I’ve contributed to in the past few years.  Details here.)

In this episode we discuss:

  1. What are the essential elements that define a CBME curriculum?
  2. Why make the change to CBME … wasn’t (P)GME OK for the last 5 decades?
  3. What is programmatic assessment?
  4. Is ‘time’ really gone?
  5. What can I do this year to align my program to a CBME model?

So… on with the show.


PS: We’re interested to hear your thoughts on this experiment.  Leave a comment below or cast your vote in our Twitter poll.