Adaptive Leadership For The New #MedEd: The one hour read

Do clinician educators of today need different leadership competencies than their counterparts from the past?”

The Royal College’s new Adaptive Leadership For The New #MedEd: The one hour read sets out to answer this question. With contributions from experienced leaders and educators, Drs Felix Ankel, Jonathan Sherbino and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada present a free ebook or printable pdf.

Take a fresh look at medical education leadership through a “systems thinking” lens.  Dive into topics like:

  • How medical education leaders can build a growth mindset within their communities
  • The skills leaders need to manage exponential change
  • Fostering resilience
  • Plus more!

Beginning with practical case examples, each chapter presents a fresh take on medical education leadership.  Chapter topics include:

Developing a shared vision – Felix Ankel and Bob Englander

Multiplying rather than micromanaging – Felix Ankel and Kelly Frisch

Cohesion and co-creation – Felix Ankel and Meghan Walsh

Trust Networks – Felix Ankel and Leah Hanson

Communication networks – Felix Ankel and Michelle Lin

Creating a robust personal learning network by nurturing weak ties – Felix Ankel and Anand Swaminathan

Identifying and communication clear values – Felix Ankel and Michelle Noltimier

Using a co-leadership model to increase density of connections – Felix Ankel and Jeanette Augustson

Bending the system to accelerate change – Felix Ankel and Nico Pronk

Reflective Practice and Learning Organizations – Felix Ankel and David Abelson

Whether you read just one chapter at a time or you opt to go soft cover to soft cover – this book will inspire you to think about things in a different way.

Download the book for free at  iBooks or as a PDF.