Reflections from the Liminal Space: A Retrospective

In recognition of the ICE blog’s 5-year anniversary, we continue to honour some of our most popular and influential series. In week 3 of our 5-week retrospective, we look back at “Reflections from the Liminal Space.”

The “Liminal Space” series debuted on December 3, 2013 with a “guest post” from Dr. Teresa Chan, who has since joined the ICE blog’s Editorial Team.  The series captures the experiences of junior educators who are in an “active transitional state of moving into a new reality or place” (i.e., the “liminal space”). In Dr. Chan’s case, she had just finished her clinical training the previous July and was transitioning from her old role as learner to her new role as teacher/educator.

Dr. Chan ran the series for three years, but outgrew her own “liminality” in the Fall of 2016. Since then, we’ve had contributions from many different junior educators, talking about their experiences in:

  • Teaching and mentoring
  • Adapting to being a new attendee
  • Building teams
  • Transitioning to a new role as program director
  • Navigating different generational perspectives

 … and more.

From our very first to our very latest, here are our collection of stories from the “Liminal Space”:

Featured Image via geralt on Pixabay