#KeyLIMEPodcast 291: Methods Consult with Lara Varpio – Episode 8

This is Lara Varpio’s (@LaraVarpio) 8th ‘Methods Consult’ for KeyLIME.

As a PHD trained scientist working in the field, it is of Lara’s opinion that her job is to help others gain the skills and expertise needed to engage in Health Professions Education scholarship and research. In this series, Lara gives some background and highlights the benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration for illuminating research.

In her 8th episode, she discusses bias, and how she believes it is not understood within the medical community to the depth and breadth it needs to be. She starts off by demonstrating that bias may or may not be a “dirty word” – it depends whether the work is being conducted via an objectivist or a subjectivist lens. Listen to her explain here.

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