#KeyLIME Podcast 354 [RE-RUN – live from halifax 2018!]: One of these things is not like the other

The KeyLIME team is taking a week off – so today we share a re-run of the last in person KeyLIME Live @ICRE in Halifax 2018. The team looks forward to seeing everyone this year at KeyLIME Live at ICRE 2022 in Montreal on Friday, October 28.

In this rerun of Episode 197, the authors argue that researchers would benefit by moving away from ‘check-listing’ the elements of complex interventions in favour of more deliberate efforts to conduct educational ‘manipulation checks’.

Article under review: Horsley, T, Regehr, G.  When are two interventions the same? Implications for reporting guidelines in education. Medical Educ 2018 52: 139–147

Listen to the episode here.

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