Assessment: A Retrospective

In honour of the ICE blog’s 5-year anniversary, we continue our look back at some of our most popular and influential series. This week we continue with “Assessment.”

Our first piece on “Assessment” was posted on October 1st, 2013, just one week after the ICE blog was launched. As recently described by Dr. Jason Frank in KeyLIME podcast 194, “Assessment has always been the sexier older sibling to other major aspects of meded, such as curriculum.”

There’s no doubt that assessment has always been a critical conversation and has become even more of a hot topic with the rise of CBME. Over the past 5 years our contributors have:

  • Reviewed the top assessment literature
  • Discussed the concept of validity in assessment
  • Explored the relationship between CBME and behaviourism
  • Talked at length about workplace-based assessment and observation

From our very first to our very latest, here are our posts about “Assessment”:

Featured Image via Blue Diamond Gallery