CBME Webinar Series – Part 5: Volume 4

Don’t miss the fourth installment in our 5th CBME Webinar Series: International Perspectives on Entrustment in UME.

Register at: https://bit.ly/CBMEWebinar4

Event time and date:  January 10th, 2021; 11 am to 12 pm (ET)

Description: EPAs were initially proposed for postgraduate medical education, to operationalize competency-based decisions to let trainees perform unsupervised units of professional practice. Subsequently using EPAs also became popular for undergraduate medical education (UME). In the USA, the Core EPAs for Entering Residency (supervised) became a preliminary standard for several schools and inspired the undergraduate EPAs for all Canadian medical schools. In many non-American countries however, graduates do not enter residency training within weeks of completion of medical school, and in some cases they transition to primary care practice directly, with varying degrees of supervision. This webinar will focus on entrustment considerations and decisions for medical students in examples of European medical schools and will touch on considerations in other countries.  

Ylva Holzhausen, M.SC.;
Charité-University Berlin
Severin Pinilla, MD, MEd, PhD
; University of Bern, Switzerland (@SeverinPinilla)

Olle ten Cate, PhD;
University Medical Center Utrecht (@olletencate)

Register here: https://bit.ly/CBMEWebinar4

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