CBME Webinar Series – Part 6: Volume 5 [Learning from the Learners: Grass Roots Feedback Guiding Implementation of CBME]

Don’t miss Part Five of our sixth CBME webinar series: Learning from the Learners: Grass Roots Feedback Guiding Implementation of CBME.

Register at:  bit.ly/CBMEWebinarS6_05

Event time and date: Friday, February 24, 2022; 12 (noon) to 1 pm (ET)

The canary in the coalmine, if you will, with respect to the implementation of CBME around the world, is the learners. Through their “on the ground” lens, we have a litmus test as to how we are doing with the implementation of CBME. This webinar will explore implementation through the lens of the learners and how this informs iterative change to our approach, as we work to improve both learner and patient outcomes. In addition, how we manage the discourse around the value of CBME as an educational construct vs. the implementation of CBME will be discussed.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:
1) Describe the opportunities and challenges with CBME implementation through the lens of the learner
2) List the strategies that have been implemented to address learner feedback around CBME implementation
3) Understand the complexities that exist around CBME implementation to inform future iterations of implementation strategies

Dr. Andrew Hall, MD FRCPC MMEd; Vice-Chair Education and Associate Professor, University of Ottawa (@AKHallMD)
Dr. Joseph R. Geraghty, MD/PhD Candidate; Department of Neurology & Rehabilitation, University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine. (@joeg988)
Dr. Mary Ott, PhD; Curriculum Studies, Western University (@mary_mott2)
Dr. Leora Branfield Day, MD FRCPC MMEd; General Internist, University of Toronto (@LeoraBD)
Dr. Ben Kinnear, MD MEd; Associate Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics (@Midwest_MedPeds)

Register at:  bit.ly/CBMEWebinarS6_05

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